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1 Kings 18:41-46
Activating Kingdom Power: The story of Elijah prophesies to the Church today about how to activate the spiritual authority that the Lord has given to us. It is critical that we learn the lessons that the Lord is teaching us through Elijah's life.
Matthew 3:1-12
The Call to Repentance: John the Baptist stood between two ages, just as we do today. Whenever such a transition is upon us, the call to repentance takes on even more meaning. This study will help us be prepared for the transitions that are upon us.
Matthew 24:36-44
The Removing of Shakeable Things: Jesus spoke clearly of the days in which we live. He reminded us in many ways to build on the rock of his truth so that we would not be shaken. This message highlights the era in which we live, and how to remain on unshaken.
Growing In Kingdom Authority
Growing in Kingdom Authority: In order to know where we are going, it is important to know from whence we have come. In this message, Randal reviews the congregation's calling to pray against storms, and shares what the Lord spoke about Hurricane Irma even before it formed.
Exodus 32:1-20
Worshiping God on His Terms: We can learn from Israel's negative example that worshiping God on our terms doesn't work. When we withhold obedience, or add our own ideas, we are worshiping on our terms, and are in danger of raising up our own golden calf.
Matthew 25:31-46
Understanding Our Kingdom Role: In the series of warnings about watchfulness in Matthew 25, Jesus gives a clear outline of the absolute need to be watchful, the consequences of not being watchful, and his plan to exalt the actions of his people on the last day. This study reveals the importance of the Kingdom role his people play.
Matthew 25:14-30
Making the Most of our Opportunities: While the apostle Paul taught us that all Christians must appear before the judgment seat of Christ, it is this parable that tells us, at least in part, the criterion that Jesus will use as he pronounces judgment. This issue is not saving faith, since all Christians are saved, but rather how we responded to Christ's love in our lives.
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