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2 Corinthians 1:3-5
Sharing the Encouragement We Need: When tragedy strikes, as happened in our community on February 14th, God has a plan of encouragement. As we grapple with the depths of pain, he mobilizes people to meet needs and release his life.
The Frontline of the Kingdom: Jesus' message was a Kingdom message. As Luke introduces us to Jesus' ministry, he reminds us that we are on the frontlines of Kingdom, and the type of things we can expect as we also walk in Kingdom.
Responding to a Spirit-Empowered Prophet: While one of Luke's main emphases was that Jesus was empowered Holy Spirit, and dependent on him just as we are, he also doesn't hold back on what that can cost. Right at the beginning of Jesus' ministry, Luke reminds us of the price of walking in the power of the Spirit.
Pressing Through Temptation: While Jesus demonstrates that the Father's faith in him is well-placed, we learn strategies to resist the Accuser, and fight temptation.
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