• Growing Healthy Families

    Helping families of all backgrounds and sizes become who God intends for them to be.
  • Growing In Relationship

    Developing deeper relationship with the Lord, and with each other.
  • Growing in the Word

    Sinking deep roots into the Word of Truth, even as we pursue the Spirit of God who authored that Word.
  • Growing In Healing

    Releasing the power of the supernatural on behalf of those who are sick or hurting.
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Growing a Community of Faith in South Florida


New Dawn Community Church is a Spirit-filled congregation in Coral Springs, Florida, which God has called to equip and nurture people in their spiritual gifts and callings. We are a vibrant community of believers who understand that "Community" is more than a word; it describes relationship and purpose. Our purpose is to grow closer to the Lord, while at the same time growing closer to each other. We want every person in our congregation to feel supported and encouraged in community, while they are growing in their faith in Jesus, and impacting our world on His behalf.


New Dawn's Calendar of Events

JULY, 2014
Wed July 23
Men’s Breakfast (Off Site), 7:30 AM

Thu July 24
Women’s Breakfast (Off Site), 7:30 AM

Sun July 27
Worship Service, 10:00 AM
Lunch, Noon

Mon July 28
Senior Fellowship (Off Site), 11:30 AM

Wed July 31
Men’s Breakfast (Off Site), 7:30 AM

AUGUST, 2014
Fri Aug 1
Hurricane Season Prayer Meeting, 7:30 PM

Sun Aug 3
Worship Service, 10:00 AM
Lunch, Noon

Wed Aug 5
Men’s Breakfast (Off Site), 7:30 AM

Thu Aug 6
Women’s Breakfast (Off Site), 7:30 AM

Sun Aug 10
Worship Service, 10:00 AM
Lunch, Noon

Mon Aug 11
Senior Fellowship (Off Site), 11:30 AM

Wed Aug 13
Men’s Breakfast (Off Site), 7:30 AM

Thu Aug 14
Women’s Breakfast (Off Site), 7:30 AM

Sun Aug 17
Worship Service, 10:00 AM

Wed Aug 20
Men’s Breakfast (Off Site), 7:30 AM

Thu Aug 21
Women’s Breakfast (Off Site), 7:30 AM

Fri Aug 22
Men's Retreat (Off Site)


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This Week's Message

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New Dawn Happenings

Marriage Ball 3
Ronda Fellowship
Marriage Ball
Fellowship Time
Marriage Ball 2
Fellowship & Prayer
Coffes Station & Fellowship
Fellowship Time 2

Our Mission

Equipping God's People

New Dawn Community Church has been called into existence by God in order to equip His people in two main ways. We have been called to:

  • Equip His people to Hear:
    • Growing in the Word.
    • Recognizing God's Voice.
    • Understanding Dreams.
  • Equip His people to Do:
    • Building Healthy Families.
    • Healing the Sick and Hurting.
    • Sharing Prophetic Insights.
    • Enjoying Relationship with God and Each Other.


Bible Gateway

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New Dawn Celebrates a Major Blessing

New Dawn Community Church gratefully acknowledges that the Lord has given the congregation the ability to purchase a three acre property in Coral Springs for the congregation’s current and future use. We feel extremely blessed that we were able to purchase this property for the congregation’s future growth and stability.

We are also extremely proud that we have been able to provide a nice home for our current pastor on part of that property. However, the property is being used for more than a parsonage, and will be developed according to the congregation’s calling and purpose as a base for ministry, and as a way to continue to bless our city and county. While this ministry base, in keeping with the nature of the neighborhood, will not involve congregational worship services or buildings to house such services, it will have future buildings for the purpose of enhancing the ministry of grace God has given us in our community.

We also invite you to celebrate with us over the fact that the leader’s of the congregation were able to raise the money needed for the down payment on this property among themselves without using funds from our general budget. In addition, because of the seller’s willingness to bless the congregation with more than generous terms, the current mortgage payment on the property is less than the rental allowance that the congregation had been giving to our pastor for his living arrangement.

We believe that this is an extremely wise use of our congregational resources, and invite you to celebrate with us over this incredible blessing to our congregation.